Annualize Your Portfolio

 Your Portfolio–Individual and/or Club (How yuh doin’?)  

Below are two tools to aid in determining how well your portfolio, individual stocks, and mutual funds, have performed when compared to the market averages. 

For individual portfolios there are two types–one simplified and one detailed. Instructions on their usage are included.  If your portfolio growth is not compared to a market average there is no way to determine how successful you are as an investor.  

Compare your INDIVIDUAL portfolio gain/loss with the market averages, showing return for each company owned.
(Detailed version 6.17)  

Click here to download DETAILED version

This file approximates how well your individual companies, and entire current portfolio, have performed since purchase–for the year–and since the portfolio inception. Did you beat the market short term–as well as long term?   This form determines both using simple methods. Look for a tab at the bottom of the form labeled “Instructions” or click on the icon at the upper right of the form. It will help determine what data is to be typed into each cell.  Once set up it’s easy to keep up to date.

Compare your INDIVIDUAL portfolio gain/loss with the market averages, a very simplified and easy to use form.
(Simplified version) version 3.14 

Click here to download SIMPLE VERSION

This file approximates how well your individual portfolio has performed annually but not long term. It provides a comparison to the market averages. Did you beat the market? This form requires minimal input and only determines how your current portfolio has done compared with the market averages for the past year, and as the current year progresses.  It does not take into account any previous buys and sells. I highly recommend the Detailed version above for a more complete look at your portfolio.

If you want to see how each company has done, as well as the entire portfolio, use the “Detailed version” above.