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Statistics:  If you torture the numbers long enough you can get them to confess to anything. (Humor is a learning tool)

 Who is Bob?  volunteer to speak at events throughout the country, speaking  on a number of investor topics. If interested in a speaking visit, email meIf your Chapter qualifies, expenses of up to $500 will be paid by BetterInvesting.

     –I live in beautiful Seattle and winter in warm Arizona–

A personal word:  For a number of years I have recommended Vanguard as THE place to invest in index funds.  That has changed.  I decided to eat my own cooking and set up an account at Vanguard.  It took a total of over two hours-forty five minutes, five phone calls, and four agents to get it completed–and then invested in the wrong index fund.  The fifth call was to a supervisor who refused to correct the problem.  (That’s the short version of the problem.)  I asked to hear the recording and was told I needed to request and pay for Arbitration before that would be allowed.  I wrote two letters to the CEO and received no response, none.  I cannot recommend Vanguard.  UPDATE:  After 1.5 months I received an email saying the CEO was too busy to respond.  –Bob

A new page has been added–Videos.  These videos will be limited to about 6 minutes each–long enough to contain good information but short enough to stave off boredom. Click here to go to the page containing the videos.

There’s a new kid–errrr tool–on the block.  I highly recommend the Fidelity retirement calculator highlighted in an article I’ve written.  Click here to go to the page containing the article, which explains the tool and the importance of using it.  It includes a suggestion what to invest in and how to use the online form.  The retirement age, monthly savings, standard of living expectation, and investment style are all adjustable.  Change the variables to change the outcome.  A great way to see if your retirement plan is sufficient.

The Annualize your Portfolio tool is updated to version 6.01.   The automatic downloading of index related data is working again–now using Google prices.   I’m a very firm believer if you don’t compare your return to a market average you have no way to know how well you’re doing as an investor.  Once set up, there is minimal maintenance.  The Simple version 3.10 is also set to download index prices automatically.

The Annual Report tool has been repaired, now using Zacks data.

The Quick Analysis tool failed–the result of the data website no longer providing data as a free service. The tool has been removed.  Data required for it to function cannot be found.    

NOTICE:   In the past it’s been possible to leave an email address and receive infrequent news concerning this site.  That’s no longer possible.  However you can email me at bob.at.seattle@gmail.com if you have a question or comment.