Technical Tools

How to use to follow your stocks

Click here to download an article explaining how to use StockCharts to compare an index fund to the gain to the S&P 500.  A quick and easy way to meaningfully follow a stock.  The instructions include how to add the tool to your computer.  This tool is mainly to be used with index funds.  Using it for individual companies would likely cause too many buy and sell recommendations, causing whipsawing in and out of the market.

–A Technical tool for guiding buy and sell decisions–

While we believe in fundamental long term investing and often look upon technical tools with disdain, I believe we can benefit from using certain tools.  There are two links below.  First, a page of instructions about how to use four technical tools to help decide when to buy, and sell, a stock.  The SSG is a great help in deciding what to buy but is severely lacking on when to sell.  The technical tools are designed to be helpful in both buy and sell timing.  Take a look to see if you agree.

Click here to view the Instruction page.

Click this link to open the actual technical analysis tool.  You cannot save the tool on your computer.  However, you can save the link, then return any time you wish.  See how to do this on the Instruction page above.