Misc Tools & URLs

Miscellaneous Websites-useful for the SSG

 Below are Web addresses that can be installed in your SSG software. 
Instructions are included

 These websites are useful when installed within the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) analysis program.  Quickly and easily see data for the company you have open in the SSG program.  Instructions for adding this function are contained on the sheet that is downloaded.  Additional descriptive information is below.

Useful URLs for Toolkit  Download this file to install the website addresses (URLs) manually

The URLs are ranked by importance – my opinion of importance at least. (They are numbered  and lettered.  When installed, they are sorted by the number and letter)  If installed in either Stock Analyst, Classic, or Toolkit they help provide guidance on judgment issues in the SSG for the company currently open in the SSG program.  Therefore if you install these URLs, one click of the mouse takes you to the Site and to data for the company you’re studying. If you want to see an example of how I use these websites, view a recorded 60 minute session on their usage.  You’ll be taken to another website.
Examples:  Learn the rate the Analysts think the company will grow in the next five years, compared to the industry and S&P 500; compare competitors and industry averages to your company; observe what Analysts predict the next two quarters of Earnings and Sales will be, and much more.  Below is a short list of the Web addresses:
1 Five year EPS Growth Analysts Estimates (ACE)
2 Next two quarters and next two years growth estimates for EPS and Sales, and 5 years of estimated EPS data.)
3 Competitors and how your company rates against them as well as the the industry average
4 Profitability and ROE industry averages (section 2) and other comparisons
5 Institutional and Insider ownership (Thee data are not available in the BI SDS data feed)
6 Chart showing when the last 52 week low price occurred

Other Internet helps are available too

Don’t sell your first born and rely too heavily on any one of them. They are simply indicators which aid in making judgments.  (Instructions on how to insert the URLs into Toolkit, NSA, and Classic are included in the download.)

Looking for a copy of a class handout?  Click here