Help for Club Officers

Help for the President
 Most clubs utilize Robert’s Rules of Order.  Below is a link to an abreviated listing of the rules needed to be followed in meetings of small organizations and clubs.  This list “The A-B-Cs of Parlimentary Procedure” is to the point and friendly.  Click on the link below.  A copy of the booklet will be downloaded.  You’ll be able to print the free booklet.

Help for the Treasurer
Annual Club Audit  The club books should be audited each year. These instructions, written by Herb Barnett, offer clear and concise information on what the audit entails and how to go about it. Appoint a small committee to do the audit and follow Herb’s instructions. It’s an opportunity to be sure the treasurer is entering data correctly, and provides confidence to the other club members their money is being well taken care of. Frankly, I wouldn’t be treasurer of a club if an audit wasn’t performed annually. This is a “must read” article.
General help for the treasurer 
Published by the Puget Sound Chapter, this is a many page article covering all aspects of the functions of the treasurer.  It contains useful and detailed information.
Club Accounting Made Easy. . . almost  This is an article, published in BITS® in June 1998. It is intended for the beginner or new treasurer and sets forth the steps, in a step by step format, for completing the normal monthly report. It also takes one through the steps in withdrawing a member by transferring stock, as well as providing other critical information important to a new treasurer.
The article has not been updated, but the basics of completing the Treasurer’s duties remains the same.

Send some flowers to your treasurer — It’s a big job!