Class Handouts & Info

Class Handouts & Information
 This page contains handout materials used in the classroom. They are normally PDF files, which require Adobe Acrobat — a free tool. If you don’t have it on your computer click on the “Recommended Reading” icon at the left of this page. Downloadinstructions are found there.

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The purpose of making the materials available is to enable clubs to use them for education purposes.  Some of these files are large so be patient when downloading them.  Click on the title to download the file.   Some presentations have reference articles associated with them. 

Annuities – Good, Not so Good, Bad
Handout 1 per page-color

Retirement Traps and How to Care for my Heirs  There are two file that might be of interest. 
Click here to download the handout for this presentation.
Click here to download Retirement Withdrawal calculator

This spreadsheet is designed to allow adjustments of several items: Retirement Year; Inflation rate; Withdrawal rate; Growth rate to help determine how long your next egg will last.

Letter to my Heirs
Click here to download the Letter to my Heirs  This is a Word document with suggested topics that should be covered in the letter.
Basic Rules–Investing for a Lifetime handout.

Technical Tools for the Fundamental Investor – Arizona presentation
Handout 4 per page-color

Basic Investing for Busy People

Handout 4 per page-color
Handout 1 page summary–shows all links, etc.
Click here to download the Letter to my Heirs

Budget form — How much do I spend
This form is used in conjunction with my Retirement Traps & Do I Have Enough class.  Use this form to determine how much you spend now and to estimate what you will spend in retirement.Click hereto download the form.

 Mutual Funds — made easy 
Handout 1pp color

When to Sell — using data contained in the Toolkit Database 
Handout Black/White suitable for printing

 Handy URLs for the SSG handout is below–in B/W, and color.  The page of Web addresses (URLs) is also available below.  Choose the URL file that matches your analysis software.  Follow the instructions on the sheet.
6 per page black/white
6 per page color
URLs for Toolkit
URLs for Stock Analyst and Classic 

Reverse Mortgages — handout 

Article on Reverse Mortgages  If you or someone you know is considering a reverse mortgage this is a must read article.  It’s full of advice and contact information.  A downloadable booklet available from AARP icontains excellent detailed information.  

 Successful Investing 101 (three session presentation–long)

And, click here to download the two articles on Mutual Funds referred to in the Investing 101 presentation.  To download the Quick Analysis form used in the presentation, click here. (You’ll be taken to another page on this site.)

Analyzing the Annual Report  Handout uploaded October 2020

Follow Your Stocks SSG Judgment-step by step handout

  Fundamentals Always Apply handout

How ‘I’ Evaluate a Company – handout for PSC Investor Conference Nov 1, 2013

How ‘I‘ Evaluate a Company  This is the handout for the Webinar given April 7th at ICLUBCentral. To watch the 60 minute presentation click here.  Download the handout  and use it to follow along with the presentation.  Also download the list of URLs (Internet addresses) for the analysis software you’re using–ToolkitStock Analyst or Classic.  How to install and use the addresses is part of the presentation.

 The Past & Future of Investing — software & the internet
George Nicholson’s 1969 SSG on Clorox – the way he analyzed a company