Bob’s Articles-old & new

Articles that might still be of general interest.  Note each is dated so the timeliness can be determined and used accordingly.  

Investing Can be Easy–yes, really    The average investor should invest in an Index Fund–that’s the advice from Warren Buffett.  Why?  Because the average investor invests through a broker and in managed mutual funds which under perform the market average.  The rational is explored in this article.

Retirement–Will I Have Enough?    Use the retirement analysis tool suggested in this article to determine if you’re on track for a pleasant retirement–or not.  Use it to adjust your savings amount, length of time to retirement, as well as other factors to find a solution if you’re not saving enough.

Index Funds–A Good Way to Invest?    This is an earlier suggestion that Index Funds are a superior way to invest, using earlier criteria.

Is It Time to Invest?    When is it a good time to invest?  This is an earlier article but still valid in principle.