Analyze the Annual Report

There are two methods of analyzing the Annual Report — using a computerized form, or a manual form. Each is described below.  This tool now works with newer Mac operating systems.

The Annual Report Analysis form has been updated to version 9.54 on Feb 2023NOTE, PLEASE READ:  If using an Excel version older than 2019, upon entering a new ticker symbol, it will take 5 or more minutes for the update to take place.  From then on, updates will take about 15 seconds.  Why, because Microsoft is restricting the use of older versions of Excel.  To eliminate this problem you must upgrade to Office 2019 or newer.  I found an upgrade to Office 2019 at a reasonable cost (not a subscription) at Oscar Myke is a link to the website.

If you are using an older version of Excel, you will need extreme patience for the first company analyzed as the first attempt to see a new company will take 5-6 minutes.  However, after 5-6 minutes you’re good to go and subsequent updates take about 15 seconds. 

Annual Report Analysis form works on a PC and newer Mac operating systems.  See NOTE above.
Click here if using Excel 2019 or later
to download the Annual Report tool

Handout for presentation 2022.

Manual Data entry form version 2.7.2 (Will work with older versions of Excel but requires data entered manually) On this form you’ll find a link to Yahoo data, which is the method I recommend when filling in the data manually. Use this version if you are using an older Mac.

These forms are primarily for use in analyzing manufacturing and retail companies. A form for analyzing the Banking Industry is available. Click here to download and read a discussion of that form.