Analyze Banks

Analyzing the Annual Report – for Banks

There are now two Bank analysis forms–the original manual form and a new automatic form. Each is designed to provide substantially the same analysis, however not all desired data are available in the automatic tool. The result is a compromise. New evaluations have been added, along with advisory verbiage on the new form. The ease of use has been increased dramatically.

Both forms below are designed to analyze the Annual Report data of Banks–and banks alone. Data reported, and the analysis of that data, are different from that of a manufacturing company, therefore a special analysis form.

Automatic form: (new) version 4.11 

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Manual form: (original)

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The data are harder to locate for banks, and some report important data while others do not. Helps are built into the manual spreadsheet to aid in finding the elusive data.

This form is designed to help analyze those data, along with suggestions as to where to get the data banks don’t provide. The information analyzed in the form is that suggested by a very good friend, Bob Stewart, who started and owned a bank for a number of years and knows banking well. I make no claims about knowing banking analysis other than what my friend has taught me.

Example Annual Report data for analyzing Bank Stocks. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) Download this file to see an example of the Annual Report financial data used in analyzing Bank and Thrift companies. It contains keys to the above spreadsheet, providing help in locating the various data required for the spreadsheet analysis.