The purpose of this site is to provide tools that can help in the analysis of publicly traded companies, your portfolio, and other areas of investing.  I particularly enjoy generating spreadsheets for this purpose.  They are tools I believe will help me to be a better investor and hope others will find them useful as well.  All can be downloaded at no cost—free.  No guarantee the tools are error free is given.  To keep lawyers out of my hair, use the tools found here at your own risk.  

Who is Bob?  I’m a volunteer for Better Investing, a non-profit organization with a goal to help educate investors; a former Director on the BetterInvesting® national Computer Group Advisory Board, and an Associate Director for the Puget Sound Chapter of BetterInvesting in Seattle, Washington.  

If you have a question or comment email me.  They help me improve the tools provided on the site. 

If you would like information on how to start an investment club, or need other information, and live in the Puget Sound area, send an email to the Puget Sound Chapter at: contact@puget.betterinvesting.net or click here.  Or, you can email me if you’d like.  Click here if you want information about the Puget Sound Chapter classes and activities.  If you live outside this area and would like information on BetterInvesting, and any local Chapter in your area, click here. When on the Site, click Join Our Community, then Local Chapters and enter your zip code.


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