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 This site provides free tools for investors.   My great thanks to Brad Taylor of Churr.com for offering his server to host the site at no cost to me.    What is Churr.com?  Churr produces stock analysis software written specifically for the Mac, the only company analysis software I’m aware of written for the Mac.  Identical software is available for the PC as well. A free trial period is offered.

Statistics:  If you torture the numbers long enough you can get them to confess to anything. (Humor is a learning tool)

 Who is Bob?  volunteer to speak at events throughout the country, speaking

 on a number of investor topics. If interested in a speaking visit, email meIf your Chapter qualifies, expenses of up to $500 will be paid by BetterInvesting.
            –I live in beautiful Seattle and winter in warm Arizona–
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UPDATES: Two updates, both related to the Annualized Return forms– the Detailed and Simple forms now provide automatic updating of the market averages, S&P 500 and DJIA.  There is no need to manually collect that information.  Many of you know I firmly believe if you don’t compare your portfolio return to a market average, there is no way to judge your investing ability.  You MUST know.  Just as important, if you can’t beat the market, invest in an index fund, continue to invest monthly, and leave it alone until you need the money.

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 InvestEd 2015  — Richmond, Virginia
June 12-14 2015
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